How Does It Train You to Read Faster?

There is no magic involved; QuickReader simply mixes the newest in technology with proven teaching techniques to help you learn good habits and break bad ones.

Why Do I Need to Break Bad Habits?

We are all haunted by bad habits because reading is taught to schoolchildren one letter and one word at a time. And while this might be a great way to learn the basics, the problem is that many of us unconsciously continue this habit – which greatly impedes our ability to read quickly – into adulthood.

Eliminate Wasted Time

The time we spend reading is often wasted building words out of phonics, phrases out of words, sentences out of phrases, and so on. Our minds even tend to continue to “subvocalize” – or sound out – words with which we are completely familiar.

Learning to speed read can change all of that.

The Truth About Speed Reading

You should know that speed reading is not skimming. In fact, honing your reading skill tends to improve your ability to retain information. When you learn to speed read properly, you are developing a type of muscle – just like a martial artist or an athlete.

The Technique

You need to teach your eyes how to take in multiple words at once. As you do so, you will start seeing the trees for the forest by putting less weight on the component parts of a sentence and getting straight to its larger meaning.

Out With the Obsolete

Old methods used to teach speed reading worked well enough but had their limits. To make your eyes travel more quickly across a line, pens or pointers were used as guides. But these guides could not be guaranteed to keep a certain pace. Nor did they have a way to help you focus on large groups of words.

Computer technology greatly improved the process, but it remained useless to people without the time to sit in front of their screens and practice.

Power in the Palm of Your Hand

QuickReader is designed to help you learn these invaluable skills by providing entertaining eBooks and the most advanced guide ever held in the palm of one’s hand.

The QuickReader speed reading guide makes it possible to increase the size of the “fixations” upon which your eyes stop, as well as the speed you read and your overall focus.

Ultimately, you will have more time to enjoy catching up the endless stream of information and entertainment in the modern world.


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