Is it an eBook reader or a speed reading app? Well… both!

  • Read thousands of books and improve your productivity, for less than the cost of a paperback.
  • Access over 6500+ downloadable EPUB books right within the application through Feedbooks.com.
  • Add your favorite eBooks downloaded from any standard OPDS catalog.
  • Import articles, web pages, email and more with the QuickReader Pasteboards.
  • Customize colors, fonts, text size, margins and more for the perfect reading experience.
  • No more constant scrolling or page turning needed with the Guided Reading Technology.
  • Save time by reading faster. Learn to adjust your speed as needed.
  • Enhance your reading focus and learn to tune out distractions with proven techniques.
  • Incrementally improve your reading speed with the best-selling Speed Reading Technology.
  • Track your reading improvement as you gain speed with QuickReaders’ Speed Tests.
  • Practice anytime you have a few spare moments.
  • Not to mention a beautiful, customizable user interface just for your reading pleasure!

QuickReader 2.0 mixes the newest technology with proven teaching techniques that build good reading habits and optimal eye tracking. Follow along as the guide leads you through the text as you incrementally increase your reading speed. Using the guide, similar to following along with a pen or your finger, is a technique taught in the most effective speed reading classes around the world and is now available right on your iPhone or iPod Touch with QuickReader.

Think of it as eBook reader meets speed reading app; that’s why we call it “The Speed Reading eBook Reader.”


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